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 Kaval's Stuff

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PostSubject: Kaval's Stuff   Kaval's Stuff EmptyFri Aug 06, 2010 2:34 pm

Name: Kaval

Nickname: "The Cobra"

Face or Heel: Heel

Hight: 6" 7'

Weight: 328 pounds

From: Parts unknown

Catch phrases: "This is Whole USA" and "back off you your going to get it"


The American Powerbomb

Kaval gets the crowd to chant USA
then lifts the opponent on his shoulders and slams him on the mat executing a devastating The American Powerbomb

Warriors Way

Kaval Climbs to the top turnbuckle then jumps up and out
The hits his Elbows to my knees then lands my feet on the opponents cheast executing a devastating Warrior's Way

The American Spear

Kaval gets the crowd to chant USA
then Dives at the opponents mid area executing a devastating The American Spear


Terminater/ Indian Death Lock

Modified Double Underhook Piledriver

Modified Spike Piledriver



Kaval Gets The Crowd To Chant Usa executing A Usa


Kaval started in a lot of feds by has not found a good fight anywhere so he cam here and is looking for a fight


A person that goes around with a Baseball bat and picks up fights anywhere he can. So do not Pick a fight with him
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Kaval's Stuff
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