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Name: Nicky
Weight: 135 lbs
From: Seattle, Washington
Gimmick: A cheeky and sadistic little brat. He's also on the vain side and will go into an insane rage if his ribbons or clothes are messed up.

Bio: Nicky's actual age is unknown. He's obviously old enough to get hired, but he sure doesn't look it. He's stated before that he joined to "Have lots of fun, see what I can do, and show all of you stupid losers your place!". He's on the chubby side and usually has some kind of food or candy with him.


Nicky Efedspark

Video: will be done

Entrance Description: The lights take on a light yellow tint as Nicky runs down the ramp, as he reaches the bottom he claps twice and does a little spin hop. He puts his hands on his hips as he leans in, blowing a raspberry at the audience, before climbing into the ring and leaning up in one corner, stretching a little as he adjusts his ribbons.


Schools out- With the ref distracted he rubs chalk dust from his pocket in the opponent's eyes, before grabbing them and repeatedly slamming their head into the mat or turnbuckle.

Cottoncandy Abyss- When the opponent is downed he grabs the back of their head and pulls them up into a forceful stinkface. If that's not bad enough, he proceeds to push his feet into their chest each time, humiliating them and applying painful pressure at the same time.

Little Punt- Nicky climbs the turnbuckle and leaps into a kick into the opponents face. As they fall he then jumps on them with a two-footed stomp.

Basic Moveset:

Running Tackle
Raspberry- Nicky blows a raspberry at the opponent. Yes, he taunts enough for them to make his movelist.
Moon- Nicky moons the opponent and tauntingly shakes and slaps his butt.
Sweettooth- Not strong enough to be a finisher, but a common trick. He simply takes one of his lollypops and jams it in the opponents mouth to stun and choke them. If he's out of candy he'll use one of his hair ribbons instead.

Big Boot
Flying Hip Attack
Low Blow
Diving Kick
Texas Cloverleaf
Eye Gouge
Frog Splash
Senton Bomb
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