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 Kenny and Kevin Spear

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PostSubject: Kenny and Kevin Spear   Kenny and Kevin Spear EmptySun Jul 25, 2010 8:17 am

Names:Kenny and Kevin Spear
Weight:Kenny 150lbs Kevin 164lbs
Gimmick:Two high flying brothers ready for the gold
Bio:Kenny and Kevin grew up watching wrestling and are self trained the two came to ECW after seeing a newspaper ad and are here to make history and to make thier father who is a cancer patient proud

Kenny and Kevin Spear Meh12

Kenny and Kevin Spear Meh211
Kevin Spear


Entrance:As team
Kenny and Kevin walk out and the ramp and hi-5 before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring,then they climb on a corner and taunt before Kevin does a backflip and Kenny does a front filp and then the two shake hands in the middle of ring

Kenny runs out and slides into the ring then stands on the corner and doing a front flip off before taunting

Kevin runs out and slides into the ring then stands on the corner and does a backflip then a taunt

Kenny Klutch:Kenny runs behind the opponent and wraps his legs around thier throat and chokes them while he does a handstand

Kevin Klash:Kevin irish whips the opponent then lifts them above his head for a second and slams them back first onto the mat

Team move:
Spear Family reunion:Kenny/Kevin runs the oppenent and spears the opponent then Kenny/Kevin dives off the ropes and does a moonsault pin

Basic Moves:
karate kick
knee dropkick
running ddt
Knee splash
springboard dropkick
springboard ddt
springboard bulldog
springboard moonsault
diving elbow
diving spear
diving headbutt
diving body splash
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Kenny and Kevin Spear
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