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 Akuri Mitsu

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Name:Akuri Mitsu
Weight:107 Lbs
From:Ashhurst, Manawatu
Gimmick:Musical Fanatic/ Techno Freak
Bio:Akuri grew up in a middle class family. Didnt have much. A tv was the most technology he had. Until one day he was given an old mp3. He was ecstatic. He used it everyday. He got his music from other people and thus had none of his own. Suddenly he got an old pc. Not much but still worked. All of a sudden worlds opened up to him. He had worlds of possibilities. Akuri found that certain songs made him Happiers,sadder,angrier and most of all, STRONGER. He searched for the perfect song that would combine melodies to make him happier and also give him strength. He found a small wrestling company called TWG. He'd always wanted to hit things for a living and now he found his calling. He kept his mp3 with him always even through the many upgrades around him. He never forgot his roots.

Akuri wasnt the best of wrestlers. In fact, He was the worst. He couldnt do anything right. Then one day he came to the ring listening to his mp3. The first thing everyone noticed was his head held high. They through one of the best wrestlers at him. The Iron Giant. The Iron giant ran at Akuri and was met with a simple punch to the face. This knocked him out instantly. Akuri then noticed this trend improved him rapidly so he kept this trend up even today

Picture: Akuri Mitsu Akuri_13


Entrance Description:
A massive strobe light hits the room then suddenly, oh wait whos that it must be
akuris video shines on the screen showing the powerful element of life
Akuri Mitsu makes his way to the ring
Akuri walks into the ring Walking to the beat of the music
then suddenly akuri walks with his signature mp3 and headfones on his head
with all his friends walking beside him, he walks round the ring, hi-5ing all his fans and signing autographs and pictures
he climbs the ring and his mates wish him luck, rockets fire from each turnbuckle and akuri stands there, waiting for his opponent

Element of Life:Akuri Mitsu dropkicks the opponent then picks him up and swings him to the ropes
then grabs the opponent and puts him in a crucifix style on akuris back and falls backwards smashing the opponent facefirst onto the mat

Element of Life-CODE RED!!:Akuri Mitsu grabs the opponent and swings him to the ropes then as the opponent comes back spins the opponent around so his head is in a reverse ddt position and slams it to the ground then picks up
the opponent and swings him to the turnbuckle then runs up the turnbuckle and grabs the opponents head flipping over the opponent and reverse ddts the opponent into the mat again

Trademark Moves

Reverse DDT (head facing upwards and body on the other side of akuri's body)
Bosten Crab
Jumping Front Bulldog

Basic Moveset(just normal moves at least 10 no more than 20):
Every DDT ever!! (arabian, running ect)
Ankle Lock
Dropkick (Standing and from top-rope)
Roundhouse Kick
Running Crossbody
Snap Suplex
Springboard Bulldog
Springboard Crossbody
Springboard Dropkick
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Akuri Mitsu
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