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 Micheal Fetchings

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PostSubject: Micheal Fetchings   Micheal Fetchings EmptyMon Jul 26, 2010 6:48 am

Name: Micheal Fetchings
Wieght: 137 lbs
From: Colorado

Pic: Micheal Fetchings Manage10

From his apperance you can tell he is wierd. A social out cast if you will. He grew up in Colorado and was always doing crazy stuff to get the attention of people, wheather dressing strange or jumping of high buildings. Micheal has a soft spot for wierdos to put it plainly and as he got to know Akuri, he wanted to follow him in his dreams and help him along the way. He tried wrestling but decided that wasnt his thing.

He has now settled for bieng Akuri Mitsu's Manager and even in extreme cases, his backup
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Micheal Fetchings
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