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 Sean Libby

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Sean Libby

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PostSubject: Sean Libby   Sean Libby EmptyMon Jul 26, 2010 4:10 pm

Weight:190 lbs
From: Framingham Massachutes
Age: 18 (really 16)
Theme song: Closer by Joe Ingue
Finsher: Cold Of Ireland (top rope)
Face/Heel: Face

Sean Libby grew up in the friendly side of Framingham Mass. He is a friendly kid who had alot of talent and he was respected by everyone. He loved watching wrestling and then one day he and one of his friends created a wrestling promotion in his high school. Sean is a multi time tag team champion and was a FHS Heavyweight champion via roll up. He only won it once. He is a fast dogding man. Though hes not very tough. He can fly from anywhere in the ring and he likes to dance confuse his oppenets. After Sean grauated he had to leave his wrestling promotion but afterwards he did some training to get better and Kieran Hughes signed him. The Irishman has now landed in ECWrestling. What we'll see? You'll never know

Tornado DDT
Irish Drop (Samon Drop)
High Kick
Swinging neckbreaker
spinning heel kick
Hip toss
Flying Crossbody
Springboard Dropkick
Swanton bomb
Leaping Plancha
Shooting Star Press
Flying Spear
Double Arm Axe

The Cold Of Ireland (2 moves in one)
Sean Libby throws (who ever) into the turnbuckle (who ever) moves just in time but Libby runs up the turnbuckle
and does a moonsault on (who ever) Irishman gets up fast and climbs the turnbuckle and gives (who ever) a legdrop

Sean Libby Irishm12

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Kieran Hughes

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PostSubject: Re: Sean Libby   Sean Libby EmptyTue Jul 27, 2010 1:00 am

OK pretty good i need you to describe ur finisher and list 10-20 basics moveset look in bio template for a basic 10 or look at the movesets of others
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Sean Libby
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