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 Shizuki's Debut

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PostSubject: Shizuki's Debut   Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:49 am

The Camera Cuts to a Backstage area where Shizuki Stands with a Smile with a Interviewer who is wearing a Cheap Black Suit with a Grey Striped Tie. Shizuki on the Other hand is wearing a American Eagle Shirt with Blue Jeans and a Rollex Watch. They Are Standing in the Middle of a Interview Area. In the Middle, A Television Screen Hangs down from two Chains. It Has a Red ECW Logo that is Rotating. The Camera Gives a not-visible Signal to the Interviewer and then Interviewer Straightens up and Smiles at the Camera.

Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to the ECW Exclusive Interview With the Newest Member of ECW, Shizuki! Shizuki, What are your thoughts on joining this Federation?

You know what... i would Give you shit about how i came here because i was offered the opportunity of a life time... Well no. I Came here because i love Hardcore, High-Flying Wrestling, and this is the place to be! I am here to Save all of you People from the certain failure that this place would be without the Hardcore Icon.

Shizuki, What do you think about being in the 30 man Royal Rumble for the World Championship?

I Think this is my opportunity to show my Worth to everyone in that Locker-room. I will show that i am not just the kid who sits back and watches Wrestling, I'd be the one sitting in line for a Costume and a Gimmick. Actions Speak Louder than words and the same is true with my situation as well. I Will Show that no matter how much smack people can talk, In the End I will be the winner of that Royal Rumble.

What Makes you so Confident?

This isn't Confidence... this is Reassurance. Reassurance that the Fans can put Faith in me. I Will Save them from the Bore of Anyone that isn't me. I May Seem Arrogant, but that is just a cover-up of the Victory that is Guaranteed. The Victory that will put me in History Books! This is the Start of of a Revolution... And I Don't Think anyone is ready for it. It is time for A New Light to be Shed on the Wrestling World. You May View me as the Source of the Greatness.

A Revolution?

The Revolution to Enlightenment. It is Time for the change that is neccesary to happen.

Well... this Certainly Leaves a Few Questions, but Ladies and Gents... We are out of time, so thank you all for checking in on this ECW Exclusive.

The Camera Fades Out
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Shizuki's Debut
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