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 Malcom D

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Sean Libby

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PostSubject: Malcom D   Malcom D EmptyWed Jul 28, 2010 4:39 pm

Height: 6'0
Weight: 215
From: Framingham, Mass
Finsher: Rock JR Bottom

Bio: Malcom grew up with his fellow friend Sean Libby, who in fact is his best friend. Malcom and Sean grew up being wrestling fans and had played many wrestling game's in there time. Malcom however went to privte school's while Sean went to public. Sean unfortanetly moved away thus hurting there friendship. Sean had made a wrestling promotion in his high school were Malcom had joined. Malcom had dubbed himself as "Rock JR" Malcom D and he and Sean teamed up using IrishRocks as there tag name. He and Sean are many tag team champions and Malcom won the FHS Heavyweight championship 5 times. Malcom had once beaten his friend to win the title which was Sean's only regain. Malcom left the promotion after he graduated but he and Sean trained themselfs many times. Now Malcom and Sean are back together. The Rock JR has found the Irishman once again. Will they team up? Well see...

Big Punch
Samon Drop
Choke Slam
Five Star Frog Slapsh
Back Breaker
Rock JR Buster (Spinebuster)
Twist of Fate
Running Clothsline

Rock JR Bottom:
Malcom D Grabs (who ever) by the thouht and picks himself and (who ever) and slams down (who ever) on his back.

Malcom D Rock10
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Malcom D
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