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 Lightning Man

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Sean Libby

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PostSubject: Lightning Man   Lightning Man EmptyWed Jul 28, 2010 7:04 pm

Height: 6'4
Finsher: Hero Kick

Bio: Lighting Man has an unknown real name. He grew up being disfigured but somehow had amazing powers. His skin was yellow and he dident have eyes. But he can see somehow. His hair is golden blonde and was always been like that. He has the speed of a cheeta. People while he was growing up always used to bully him but he would always make sure they'd stop. He was very fast and every track race he would end up in first place. Later he went to be a wrestling trainer and one time helped train Sean Libby and Malcom D. He some time teamed with them but not very often. He can hold on his own and you will be shocked!

High Heel Kick
Gut Kick
Running Kick
Running Dropkick
Running Clothsline
Running Splash
Flying Crossbody
Hero Slam
Flying Dropkick
Flying Splash

Hero Kick:
Lightning Man kicks all the sides of (who ever) and runs to the ropes and gives a Shining Wizerd to (who ever)

Lightning Man Lighti10
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Lightning Man
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