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PostSubject: Shizuki   Shizuki EmptyTue Jul 27, 2010 6:07 am

Weight: 234 lbs.
From: Tyler, Texas
Gimmick: A Highflying Maniac who Loves the Hardcore.

Bio: Shizuki grew up the youngest of four, and had to get a job early to support his family. He was always handsome and always had a different girlfriend. When he was 22, he started wrestling at the Simon Wrestling federation, or SWF, and quickly became famous. After a deadly fall from the top of a steel cage in his title match at a ppv, he had to give up for 3 seasons, after which he came back bigger, better, and the new GM of SWF!!! But after about 6 seasons, after that the VSM: Violent Smacks Monday side of the show started feeling the whole federation fell apart and the owner of the fed. made him get out while he still could, but he then got picked up by NGW. From there he Went to ECW Where he Resides Today. He Wants Gold... It is Almost a Lust of his

Picture:Shizuki Ecw10


Entrance Description: Sorry Your Not a Winner by Enter Shikari Hits and Shizuki Walks out onto the Stage. He Smiles as he looks Around. He Then Points out Left and Right and Red and Green Pyrotechnics Shoot up from the Stage. Shizuki walks down the Ramp as as he Enters the Ring and Stands up, he Points Up with one hand and Blue and Black Pyrotechnics Fly out of the Ring Post!

Finishers: Switch Engine: Shizuki lifts the opponent on his shoulders
and runs forward, then he Flips his opponent in front of him landing the opponent on his head and Wolverine Hooks' the opponent's leg executing a devastating Switch Engine

Killer Strike: Shizuki Grabs the opponents head and throws it under his armpit
and then Falls Back Ddting them onto the mat and then he goes for the pin executing a devastating Killer Strike

End-Game: Shizuki Kicks the opponent in the chest
and grabs his head while jumping and comes down with the opponent's head landing on his knees executing a devastating End-game

Basic Moveset(just normal moves at least 10 no more than 20):
Swinging Neckbreaker
Spinning Wheel Kick
Flying Dragorana
Oklahoma Slam
Crucifix Bomb
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